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Christopher Chestnut Permenantly Disbarred.

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Chris Chestnut files civil rights complaint against the Florida Supreme Court. 

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Chair's Report On The Rental Housing Subcommittee Of The Gainesville City Commission by David Arreola, Chair of the Rental Housing Subcommittee

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Harvey Ward looks to soften the blow with a Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/512709562133395/posts/2911747912229536?s=2011826&sfns=mo

Here is the original letter from the Florida Retail Federation: Download PDF

In an official notice, the Florida Retail Federation has sent Mayor Lauren Poe and the City Commissioners a 60 day notice to repeal Ordinance No. 170487 or else.  "If the ordinance is not repealed within the requisite period, your city will be responsible for attorney fees, costs and damages in the event the ordinance is successfully challenged in court."

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