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1. Cervone challenging Christopher Chestnut attempting to vote illegally. Criminal investigation triggered by FL Department of State referral is ongoing.

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2. Mark Glaeser challenging Edward Lee Jennings, Jr. and his wife Heidi attempting to vote illegally, filed yesterday. Alachua County DEC Chair's son, godson and godson's wife.

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Check out both attachments. Harvey is being accused of using city resources for the benefit of his election campaign. 

Harvey Ward Ethics Complaint

Affidavit PDF

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Chris Chestnut Election Fraud Complaint Doc

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The submissions can be collapsed, are numbered, and display the name, email and phone number of the person who submitted the form.
Starting on page 18.

Alachua County 2020 Charter Review Commission

LINK: https://alachuacounty.us/charterreview/pages/default.aspx

Please click:  https://library.municode.com/fl/alachua_county/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=PTIHORUCH which states, “Amendments and revisions by charter review commission. (1) A charter review commission consisting of not less than eleven (11) nor more than fifteen (15) electors of the county shall be appointed by the board of county commissioners at least twelve (12) months but not more than eighteen (18) months before the general election occurring in 1990 and at least twelve (12) months but not more than eighteen (18) months before the general election occurring every ten (10) years thereafter, to review the home rule charter and propose any amendments or revisions which may be advisable for placement on the general election ballot. No member of the state legislature or the board of county commissioners shall be a member of the charter review commission. Vacancies shall be filled within thirty (30) days in the same manner as the original appointments. “