Ward's Hot Bulletin Board 

The Mysteriously Closed Criminal Case Audio

Hi Detective Pinkston,

This is Autumn Doughton with Bosshardt Realty and I know
you're not at work yet but I wanted to leave you a message.

Um, I spoke with Aaron and we've spoken with AppFiles and they,
 talking about like the pricing structure and $50,0000.

And basically um, what they say is if we just resubmit the original
request,  App files will bill us directly and not for like that full

We, we will work that out with them and they will send us an

So um they just request that we just send over the subpoena
again I guess as-is the first time, how it went out the first time and
um I hope that makes sense.

Um, my number of course is 352-505-1278. 
Um, thank you so much for um all the work you're doing on this.
We really appreciate it.
Thank you, bye.