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     Yesterday we at The Ward Scott Files brought you an article written by our regular guest and former Congressman, Ted Yoho.

That article, Titled: "Which countries should stand up for Taiwan, and when", has since been published by The Washington Times. Below is a link to their website featuring the article.


The fate of Taiwan is in the hands of liberal democracies. The situation surrounding Taiwan if ignored

will allow China to consume them and Taiwan will cease to be a democracy. So, when is it time for
liberal democracies to stand up collectively and denounce China’s provocative actions and rhetoric
towards Taiwan? This is not just for Taiwan’s sake but for all countries that cherish liberty and freedom.
The actions by China are not just about Taiwan nor will they stop with Taiwan. As Stephen Moser
highlighted in his book, “The Bully of Asia”, “the goal of China is to change the world order. An order in
which China is the world's hegemon. China desires to be the center of the universe where all nations
follow Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ideologies. Therefore, an attack on one liberal democracy will
metastasize to an attack on all democracies.
There are corrective actions democratic nations can take and should implement immediately. To doubt
or delay this strategy only worsens the situation and draws the world closer to facing a major conflict
that can be averted. Delaying action, allows China time to follow Sun Tzu’s strategy written over 2000
years ago in his military manual, The Art of War, “bide your time, hide your strength”.
An old saying states, “to see one’s past look at their present situation, to see one's future look at their
present preparations”. It is evident to see what China focused on in the past 3 decades by seeing the
rapid expanse of their economy. They did this by investing heavily in manufacturing and increasing
trade. But their future intent really becomes clear under the Xi Jing Ping era of preparation. Xi came to
power in 2012 and has investing heavily in military manufacturing and its capabilites China has
increased the size and reach of their military surpassing the US in many areas such as hypersonic
weapons that we have no defense against. In addition, they have aggressively expanded their territories
encroaching illegally on sovereign nations borders and laying false claims to the so called 9 dash line in
the East and South China Sea.
So how does this relate to Taiwan? Taiwan has been a prosperous, innovative and independent nation
since World War II. Prior to the Nixon and Carter administrations, Taiwan enjoyed full nation status in
the United Nations (UN) and was recognized by the majority of the nations around the world as an
independent nation. To appease China, the Nixon administration dropped nation recognition of Taiwan
in 1974 and the Carter administration dropped all diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in 1979. Many
countries then followed suit and stopped recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation to appease
The results of Xi’s preparations have emboldened China in their quest for world domination. Their
increased economic and military clout has been used to intimidate and bully other nations to accept
their demands. China has worked to isolate Taiwan further from the rest of the world through these
tactics and has even used coercion to get other nations to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan. This plan
to isolate Taiwan has extended not just to nations but to corporations as well in an attempt to force
companies and countries to bow down to their demands. In addition, China has expanded these
techniques to encroach on several sovereign nations' territories and exclusive economic zones. The end
result is jeopardizing the peaceful world order established after the conclusion of WWII.

China has become the dominant producer to many of the different supply chains the world is dependent
on. If the democracies of the world do not unite, China will continue this march towards world
domination. This is why Taiwan matters. For democracies to do nothing only empowers China more.
The nations that enjoy liberty, freedom and rule of law around the globe should act in unison with a
concentrated effort in order to send a strong unified message to China stating that there will be severe
consequences for their continued aggressive actions in relation to Taiwan and the established world
These are suggested actions to be implemented by democratic nations collectively and immediately if
China chooses not to change its actions. The choice is China’s.
1. Denounce China’s blatant aggression and intimidation of other nations when they encroach on those
nations' sovereignty and EEZ. Examples are Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei.
2. Decrease China’s manufacturing output by working with allied and friend nations to incentivize

corporations to relocate production and manufacturing of goods outside of China, “ABC manufacturing-
Anywhere But China.”

3. Diversify critical supply chains such as rare earth minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. to other countries.
4. Hold China accountable for its barbaric human rights violations of forced re-education/labor camps,
genocide and organ harvesting at the UN General Assembly. Until they stop these practices, they should
not be allowed to remain on the UN Security and Human Rights Council.
5. Encourage the ASEAN nations to stand collectively against the intimidation from China and start
diversifying trading partners to reduce China’s economic engine.
6. There needs to be a veil of protection created around Taiwan to let the CCP, Beijing and Xi understand
that a takeover of Taiwan is off limits. This can be accomplished by United States Government
considering reinstating full diplomatic relations with Taiwan as it was prior to the Nixon and Carter
administrations and encourage other nations to do the same. If not, China will succeed at their goal and
become not just the “Bully of Asia” but the world.
If the US will lead on these action items as difficult as they may be, other nation will follow. If not, the
takeover of Taiwan is certain, and the collapse of a free society falls victim to China’s ambitions of world
hegemon. This will further embolden China to continue Xi’s expansive claims in disputed lands of other
nations like, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, India and anyone else they want to flex their strength upon.
China must understand that their increased aggression and desire to control the world will come at a
very steep price. Time is running out to change course and prevent China’s growing ambition. The
longer a course correction takes the closer the world approaches a major conflict. This threat to world
peace should be prevented at all costs.
Let the free world stand up for Taiwan.
Ted S. Yoho, DVM/ Florida District 3, 2013-2021
Former Member of Congress/ Chairman of Asia – Pacific subcommittee 115th Congress


This is a great hatchet job on Mike Johnson by politico.  Every thing they accuse him and the right of they are doing in typical liberal fashion but saying the right are the ones doing those things.  It is also interesting to hear this writer talk about our country as a democracy and criticizing Johnson for claiming we are a Constitutional Republic.





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