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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

9-15-2014 Stafford Jones and Ward Scott

Stafford Jones, Chair of the Alachua County REC talks about some Republican awards received.Ward talks about the Ebola Virus and the POTUS's plan to fight it.


9-12-2014 Ward Sccott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about comfortable learning, the pit and the POTUS. Remzey discusses Scotland and the President's speech.


9-11-2014 Ed Braddy and Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, returns to the airwaves to discuss the business of the city to include GRU. Ward talks about the POTUS and the anniversary of 9-11.


9-10-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks about the POTUS and his upcoming press conference. He also highlights the craziness from Washington. Sue Baird addresses the meeting of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners.


9-9-2014 Mark Glaeser and Alex Patton

Mark Glaeser updated listeners on the major research he was doing on several fronts primarily the loan fraud in Orlando. Alex put to bed the rumor there was a conspiracy to prevent him from talking about conspiracy theories by talking about conspiracy theories.


9-8-2014 Stafford Jones and Sheriffs Darnell and Blair

The Ward Scott Files today had computer problems with the unit that sets the programs for News Radio 980 and 720. We squared it away to hear Stafford Jones talk about the General Election and a land gift to the University of Florida. Alachua County Sheriff, Sadie Darnell and Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair talked about law enforcement problems in both counties and budgets for their departments.


9-5-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about the Alachua County Fair Grounds and Santa Fe College. Remzey Samarri talks about The POTUS, education and Florida Blue Key of the University of Florida.



Ward talked about sports then talked with John Spence about an event coming up sponsored by the City of Alachua Chamber of Commerce. Ward talked to Mark Bott of Safe Kids about an event coming up in Ocala.


9-3-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks about those who hear what they want to hear and not what is said and Plum Creek. Alachua County Commissioner Sue Baird talks about Plum Creek Workshops, Waldo, Florida and the Comp Plan.


9-2-2014 Stafford Jones and Alex Patton

Stafford Jones, REC Chair, talked about the business of Republicans after the primary in our area and the state. He talked about the media as well. Alex Patton of Ozean Media talked about information from polls around the country.


8-29-2014 Remzey Samarri and Ben Albriton

DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES A MAJOR PORTION OF TODAY'S PODCAST WAS LOST. Remzey Samarri talked with Representative Ben Albriton of District 56 which covers De Soto, Hardee and parts of Polk counties. He is chair of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee .



Remzey Samarri, sitting in for Ward Scott, talks about the Cultural Center we don't need, campaign promises and Charlie Crist.


8-27-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks about the election results in Alachua and Marion counties. Sue Baird, Alachua County Commissioner, brought us up to date on the business of the Alachua County Commission.


8-26-2014 Alex Patton and Pam Bondi

Ward talks about bacon and language. Alex talked about exit polling and early voting. Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi talked about issues involving her office and the state of Florida.


8-25-2014 Stafford Jones and Greg Cassidy

Stafford Jones talks about Charlie Crist, candidate for Governor of Florida and the upcoming Alachua County election. Ward talks about Alachua and Marion County law enforcement. Greg Cassidy, formally auxiliary law enforcement in the St.Louis area, talks about that area including Ferguson.


8-22-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about the incompetency of the POTUS. Remzey Samarri covers foreign affairs and fields some good questions from The Villages,


8-21-2014 Ed Braddy and Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, gives his weekly update on the business of the city. Ward addresses a comment from the head of the NAACP of Alachua County in the paper that armored machines do not have a place on our city streets.


8-20-2014 Mark Glaeser and Sue Baird

Ward talks about legal pot then Mark Glaeser talks about some on going investigations that a TV station in Orlando is working with him on plus some local investigations. Sue Baird talks about the inter-workings of the Alachua County Commission.


8-19-2014 Rob Hyatt and Alex Patton

Rob Hyatt, candidate for the Alachua County School Board - District 5 talked about how he saw the future of education in Alachua County. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talked about some new polls and talked about exit polls.


8-18-2014 Stafford Jones and Philoron Wright

Stafford Jones, REC Chair, talks about getting national recognition and goes off on the DEC Chair. Philoron Wright, candidate for the Alachua County School Board - District 3 talks about the problems with the current school board.