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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

10-21-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Stafford Jones, Chair of REC, called in to update us on the complaint he his filing with the election commission. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, updated us on several nationwide races and a political prediction exercise.


10-20-2014 Stafford Jones and Ward Scott

Stafford Jones, Chair of the Alachua County REC, announces he is filing a complaint with the Elections Commission for actions by the county toward promotion of the road tax this election. Ward recaps Stafford's action which he is doing as an individual.


10-17-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about the Homecoming Parade and Gator Growl, today's and yesterday's and polls. Matt Gaetz, Representative from the Panhandle talked about the Scott Crist debate. Remzey updated the listeners on all current foreign affairs.


10-16-2014 Ed Braddy and Marihelen Wheeler

Gainesville mayor, Ed Braddy, talks about the city and issues of concern. Marihelen Wheeler, Florida Congressional Candidate for District 3, talks about her vision and her campaign.


10-15-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks about bicycle lanes, the marriage rate and the health of the American people. Outgoing Alachua County Commissioner, Sue Baird talks more about bicycle lanes and circumcision of women.


10-14-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

The Warthog Command post unearthed the fact that once an Alachua County road is opened one lane of the roadway will be shared with bikes...the entire lane. Also, an audio file from the past is replayed for an "I told you so" moment. Alex Patton of Ozean Media talks about several polls taken. He gives a behind the scene look at polling.


10-13-2014 Stafford Jones and Jessica Spencer

REC Chair, Stafford Jones talks about local and state races. Dr. Jessica Spencer talks about the proposed Florida constitutional Amendment to legalize medical marijuana.


10-10-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about the accusations and the reaction of the University of Florida. Remzey talks about Russia and about viruses now in America.


10-9-201 Ed Braddy and Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor Ed Braddy talks about what is going on with the city of Gainesville. Mark Glaeser gives an update and Ward gives the listeners yet another Cherroes story.


10-8-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward covers several major issues from our area but the most important was the time change and do you roll the clock back or forward. Alachua County Commissioner, Sue Baird discusses the importance of getting involved with your government at all levels.


10-7-2014 Ted Yoho and Alex Patton

Congressman Ted Yoho gives us a rundown on what is going on in congress and what to expect when he returns. Alex talks about John Morgan and announces a new contest.


10-6-2014 Stafford Jones and Sheriff's Darnell and Blair

Stafford Jones, REC Chair addresses being called a Troll by the Gainesville Sun. Sheriffs Sadie Darnell of Alachua County and Sheriff Chris Blair of Marion County talk budgets.


10-3-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about Ebola, Political Speak, MTPO's and Alachua County Commissioner, Sue Baird calls in. Remzey ran over the growing list of "I told you so's" from past shows.


10-2-2014 Ed Braddy and Bobby James

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, updated the listeners on the business of the city and left early to make an appointment on time due to the traffic. Bobby James, Chair of the Marion County School Board and candidate for the board talked about the needs of the students in the school system.


10-1-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks a stroll down memory lane Sue Baird, Alachua County Commissioner talks about the road tax and so much more.


9-30-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Again we apologize for the technical problems with News Radio in recording today's podcast. We managed to salvage most of the show. Ward talks about the different kinds of marriages and Alex Patton of Ozean compares the liberal brain to the conservative brain.


9-29-2014 Ken Cornell and John Martin

Today's podcast had some problems and we lost the first hour of today's show for podcast, We do have the second hour which features Ken Cornell and John Martin, candidates for the Alachua County Commission.


9-26-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about retirement and the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). Knowing in February that the Attorney General would step down in the Fall and the prediction of more to step down even in Alachua County. Remzey talks about the UN speech by the POTUS.


9-25-2014 Ed Braddy and Gordon Tremaine

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about the homeless center and mountain top coal. Gordon Tremaine, CEO of the Alachua County Learning Coalition talked about a fund raiser and the mission of the his organization.


9-24-2014 Ward Scott and Sue Baird

Ward talks about the POTUS salute and what he learned about saluting in military school. Alachua County Commissioner reported on what the commission was doing in reference to Plum Creek and other projects.