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The Ward Scott Files is a podcast talk show that helps the audience become better informed about local, state, and national issues. The Ward Scott Files is assisted by its Research Team, a vast group of citizens who work as contributors to the show by sharing issues that affect the lives of concerned citizens. More about the show >

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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

1-9-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about this year's leap second and Celebration Point. Remzey Samarrai talked about France, Germany and America and terrorist.


1-8-2014 Ed Braddy and Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about traffic, GRU and the homeless center. Ward talked about trying to get insurance, more on GRU and the new congress.


1-7-2015 Ward Scott and Osborne

Ward talks about the new congress and the leadership. Randy Osborne, Chair of the REC of Marion County answered some questions about the party in Marion County and nationally.


1-6-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about the make up of the new congress. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about the speaker of the house election.


1-5-2015 Stafford Jones and the Sheriffs

Republican Committeeman for Alachua County, Stafford Jones, talked about his new position. Marion County Sheriff's Office Don Means and Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell talked about local law enforcement issues and equipment described by Sheriff Darnell as a Swiss Army Knife on wheels.


12-31-2014 Ward Scott and Randy Osborne

Ward talks about the end of the year for The Ward Scott Files. Randy Osborne, Chair of the Marion County REC, has been singled out by CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations.


12-30-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about politically correct Christmas carols and Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talked about winners and losers in 2014.


12-29-2014 Jean Calderwood and Remzey Samarrai

Jean Calderwood, Chair of the REC, talked about water management and conservation land. Remzey talked about Germany leading the world and the end of Russia.


12-24-2014 Ward Scott and Randy Osborne

Ward talks about the homeless center and more about the Alachua County ran cable channel 12 and how one sided the information is on that channel. Randy Osborne, REC for Marion County talks about the passing of Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution and other items of interest in Marion County.


12-23-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about Christmas cards and gifts and the Alachua County sponsored cable TV show. Alex also talked about the cable TV show and how it got started.


12-22-2014 Ward Scott

The first hour of The Ward Scott Files featured Alachua County REC Chair, Jean Calderwood talking about how elections have consequences but due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we did not record the first half of today's show. We apologize for that. Ward talked about the rally in Washington state concerning restrictions on owning firearms in that state.


12-19-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarii

Ward talks about the Redskins and the FCC and local issues. Remzey talks about the embargo with Cuba, why open diplomatic relations with Cuba and what it means to the US.


12-18-2014 Ed Braddy and Linda Rocha

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talks about city issues including the homeless center problems. Linda Rocha, Director of Development for Dance Alive, talks about the local Dancing With The Stars fund raiser featuring Ward Scott.


12-17-2014 Ward Scott and Randy Osborme

Ward talks about Alachua County Commission meetings and the Fair Grounds. Randy Osborne, REC Chair for Marion County, talks Marion County Issues.


12-16-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about the confirmation of the new Surgeon General and his take on violence in America. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about issues on the national front with congress.


12-15-2014 Jean Calderwood and Ward Scott

Jean Calderwood is the new REC Chair for Alachua County and set up some plans for serving in that capacity. Ward addresses some of the current actions of the congress as well as county commission and the number one word of 2014.


12-12-2014 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarri

Ward talks about congress. The vote and the CIA report. Remzey boils it down as well.


12-11-2014 Ed Braddy and Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talks about the homeless center, 8th Avenue and other city issues. Ward tells his own personal CIA story.


12-10-2014 Mark Glaeser and Randy Osborne

Mark Glaeser, Wart Hog Command Post investigator, brings us up to date on a major court case in our area. Randy Osborne, REC Chair in Marion County talks about their candidate school.


12-9-2014 Ward Scott and Alex Patten

Ward talks about profiling. Who does it? Why? Are you doing it? Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about religion, race and politics.