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The Ward Scott Files is a podcast talk show that helps the audience become better informed about local, state, and national issues. The Ward Scott Files is assisted by its Research Team, a vast group of citizens who work as contributors to the show by sharing issues that affect the lives of concerned citizens. More about the show >

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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

2-9-2015 Terry Martin Back and David Moore

Terry Martin Back, contractor and real estate broker, talked about his part with the code enforcement board. David Moore, Marion County Commission, District 1, talked about the business of running Marion County.


2-6-2015 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the POTUS prayer breakfast and Remzey Samarrai talks about Jordon.


2-5-2015 Ed Braddy and Francis Rooney

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about the issues facing the city now and in weeks to come. Francis Rooney, former Ambassador to the Vatican, talked about handling the Islamic crisis through religion.


2-4-2015 Ward Scott and Randy Osborne

Ward talks about the Russian Sputnik launched in 1957 and the FFA today who will be regulating businesses wanting to set up on the moon. Randy Osborne, Chair of the REC for Marion County, is at meetings in Tallahassee but still chatted with Ward about what's happening with the Republican Party in our area, state wide and nationally.


2-3-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about Humpty Dumpty and what the nursery rhyme means. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about some of the up and coming presidential candidates and PACs.


2-2-2015 Ward Scott and the Sheriff's

Ward Scott talks with Leighton Steward, a scientist who says his research says in no way has man had a significant influence on global warming. Sgt. Becky Butscher of the Alachua County Sheriff's office and Maj. Don Means of the Marion County Sheriff's office were gusts on Law Enforcement Monday.


1-30-2015 Rod Bradley and Remzey Samarrai

Florida Senator Rod Bradley talked about issues facing the Legislature in the upcoming session. Remzey Samarrai talked about foreign affairs and what it means to our area.


1-29-2015 Ed Braddy and Randy Osborne

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about issues facing the city. Randy Osborne, Chairman of the REC for Marion County, talked about pot laws.


1-28-2015 Susan Perkins and Ward Scott

The manager of the Hampton Inn, Susan Perkins, gave us an update on Nations Park, now called Champions Park in Newberry. Ward talks about the proposed sustainably director for Alachua County.


1-27-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about there being no dumb football players. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, covered a number of subjects involving polls and politics, local, state and national.


1-26-2015 Ward Scott and Judy Skinner

Ward talks about American Sniper, the movie and Clint Eastwood, the director. Judy Skinner, Dance Alive National Ballet Choreographer in Residence, talked about up coming projects.


1-23-2015 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the FBI investigation of the baseball complex in Newberry and plays an audio file made back in 2012 when the Ward Scott Files first brought the complex's problems to the public. Remzey Samarrai talked about Yemen.


1-22-2015 Ed Braddy and Paul Ramey

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about several issues coming before the Gainesville City Commission. Paul Ramey, from the Florida Museum of Natural History talked about a dinosaur named Sue.


1-21-2015 Ward Scott and Randy Osburne

Ward talked about the state of the union address he did not watch. Randy Osburne talked about the Republican Party in Marion County and the state.


1-20-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about what you will not hear in the POTUS' State of the Union Address. Alex Patton talks about the last Gainesville City Mayor's race and the shake up in the state Republican party.


1-16-2015 Lee Pinkoson and Remzey Samarrai

Alachua County Commissioner, Lee Pinkoson, talked about the possible return of the "meeting before the meeting", Plum Creek, homeless center and GRU. Remzey Samarrai talked about the pornification of America.


1-15-2015 Ed Braddy Ward Scott

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talked about the local homeless center. Ward talks about the government agencies that have suffered under the lack of leadership from the POTUS.


1-14-2014 Bruce Nelson and Randy Osborne

In an Alachua County Commission meeting on 1/13/2015 is was suggested that the commission go back to the meetings before the meetings. Bruce Nelson discussed this. Randy Osborne,, chair of the Marion County REC, discussed the city of Ocala utilities and rates for Marion County.


1-13-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward talks about the runaway federal government and the federal EPA. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talked about who may run for president.


1-12-2015 Jean Calderwood and Ward Scott

Jean Calderwood, Chair of the REC for Alachua County, continued on her theme of elections have consequences and she talked about the Alachua County Homeless Center. Ward talked about getting a college education based on your personality and the need for leadership in the black community and the MLK dinner.