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The Ward Scott Files is a podcast talk show that helps the audience become better informed about local, state, and national issues. The Ward Scott Files is assisted by its Research Team, a vast group of citizens who work as contributors to the show by sharing issues that affect the lives of concerned citizens. More about the show >

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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

3-10-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Ward tells you why you can't say "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" anymore. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about Hillary Clinton's emails and the run for the POTUS.


3-9-2015 Ward Scott and Charles Goston

Ward talks about where the elephants have gone and the Ferguson investigation. Charles Goston, candidate for Gainesville City Commission District #1, talks about his campaign and why he wanted to run.


3-6-2015 Donald Shepherd and Remzey Samarrai

Donald Shepherd, Candidate for Gainesville City Commission At Large Seat #1, spoke about his campaign. Remzey Samarrai talks about the Clinton emails and how that falls under the subject Foreign Affairs.


3-5-2015 Ed Braddy and Cindy Sanders

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talks about issues the city commission is dealing with including a push to reduce the size if the commission. Alachua County Extension Director and Livestock Agent, Dr. Cindy Sanders, talked about the youth fair and others agriculture events in the county.


3-4-2015 Mark Glaeser and Harvey Budd

Mark Glaeser, senior investigator from the Wart Hog Command Post, updates us on ongoing investigations and Gainesville City Commission candidate, Harvey Budd, talks about his run for the city commission.


3-3-2015 Ward Scott and Alex Patton

Interview with director of the movie, The Drop Box and more from the POTUS. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about his panel of political insiders and how they stack up with political issues.


3-2-2015 Ward Scott and The Sheriffs

The theme for the first hour of today's podcast is cover-up! Sadie Darnell, Sheriff of Alachua County and Chris Blair, Sheriff of Marion County talk about law enforcement issues in each county.


2-27-2015 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward questions the wisdom of electing Hilary Clinton to POTUS based on her past jobs. Remzey continues the theme of the Clintons and the run for POTUS in 2016.


2-26-2015 Jay Curtis and Phil Kerpen

Jay Curtis is a candidate for the Gainesville City Commission, At Large Seat. Phil Kerpen heads up American Commitment which engages in critical public policy fights. He talks with Ward about the Keystone Pipeline and the Internet.


2-24-2015 Doug Jones and Alex Patton

Archer Mayor, Doug Jones, talks about the business of the city of Archer. Ozean Media's Alex Patton talks about early polling for the upcoming presidential race.


2-23-2015 Ward Scott and John Casey

Ward comes in with a brand new cold and lots of opinions on the POTUS. John L Casey, author of Dark Winter talks about his book and the projects he is involved in with his group.


2-20-2015 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about 8th Avenue and the Gainesville City Commission as well as bartered medical services from yesteryear. Remzey continues to speak of the pornification of America and how that effects foreign affairs.


Ed Braddy and Gerald Giannoli

Gainesville Mayor, Ed Braddy, talks about a new program he will start, old problems from the city commission and ties. Dr. Gerald Gainoli talks about ObamaCare and his cash only medical practice in Louisiana.



Ward talked about the POTUS being out of touch, how the POTUS says he will not be swayed by the judge's ruling in immigration, the shortage of doctors and how Santa Fe College got its own police department.


2-17-2015 Bill Conrad and Alex Patton

Newberry, Florida mayor, Bill Conrad, talks about everything in Newberry from Nation's Park to the biomass plant. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about political strategy for campaigns.


2-16-2015 Tom Benton and Ward Scott

Dr. Tom Benton spoke about being on a hate list for his personal beliefs. Ward covered several subjects for a Monday program kicking off another week of The Ward Scott Files.


2-13-2015 Ward Scott and Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about local issues that include the danger of scooter operation in our area. Remzey Samarrai talks about Yemen and other stories about foreign affairs.


2-12-2015 Ward Scott and Chris Blair

Ward talks about a report from the Johnson Administration talking about he break down of families in the black community. Marion County Sheriff, Chris Blair, talked about the programs within the Marion County Sheriff's Office and how his organization is put together and how the budget is distributed.


2-11-2015 Lee Pinkoson and Randy Osborne

Alachua County Commissioner, Lee Pinkoson, talked about the business of the county, future issues and how they will be handled. Randy Osborne, REC Chair for Marion County talked a lot about Common Core.



Ward talks about statements made by the POTUS is always the reverse from truth. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about the approval rating of the POTUS in comparison to previous presidents.