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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

8-30-2016 Ward Scott-Bill Cervone-AlexPatton

Ward and State Attorney for the 8th Judicial District, William Cervone, discussed the citing of pot violations and what it means to the person cited. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, did last minute house cleaning on the local elections.


8-29-2016 Ward Scott-Chris Blair-Hippodrome

Ward talks with Chris Blair, former sheriff of Marion County, about the charges filed against him and the outcome of a plea deal. Sarah Darden of the Hippodrome State Theater talks about the new production of Stage Kiss and introduced David Patrick Ford, the male lead..


8-26-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about dogs in Dallas and the leanings of the Justices. Remzey discusses globalism, India and how to clean up the State Department.


8-25-2016 Ward Scott & Lawrence Schonburn

Ward talks about a new planet, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ward's guest today was Lawrence Schonburn. nationally acclaimed class action legal reformer.


8-24-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the POTUS, played the "Trump Train" song, talked about The Washington Post and Hillary Clinton, discussed a new term - "dough nation", the "Toast of the Town" TV show, non-profits, played the dog song and the Charlie Daniels song.


8-23-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the injunction against the POTUS' directive for transgender students and bathroom use, more Clinton emails and how the Justice Department is guarding them and John Bolton on Trump. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about Dilbert, Illegals voting and Trolley Tommy's op-ed.


8-22-2016 Ward Scott-Nancy Stacey-Jeremy Clements

Ward talks with Marion County School Board member, Nancy Stacy about some questionable accounting by the Marion County School administrators and Coach Hog talks about testosterone in women's athletics. Jeremy Clements, candidate for Alachua County Supervisor of Elections talked about his campaign.


8-19-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the Olympic swimmers and problems in Brazil, cows and the Alachua County Commission in the business of other counties. Remzey talks about Germany and the modern day Wizard of Oz, Hungarian-Jewish businessman, George Soros and how he is using his 24 billion dollars.


8-18-2016 Ward Scott & Phil Kerpen

Ward talks about negative political ads, Donald Trump and the back story on "The Book of Love" song. Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, talks about Obamacare, the good, the bad and the ugly and there seems to be no good.


8-17-2016 Ward Scott & Brittany Lee

Ward talks about a big story he is working on, the interaction between the Alachua County Commission and the Alachua County Sheriff and hearts that are warmed. Brittany Lee, an Alachua County Blueberry Farmer, was the guest on the Alachua County Farm Bureau Ag Show.


8-16-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward gave an update on the baby squirrel, how to contact him while on the air, school scandal, the word confederate and media misinformation. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about the presidential campaigns and primaries in Florida.


8-15-2016 Ward Scott & Wenda Lewis

Ward talks about an adventure with a baby squirrel on the farm and the Olympics. Wenda Lewis, candidate for District 21 of the Florida house, talks about negative campaigning.


8-12-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the POTUS letting 85 thousand prisoners out of the Big House, new citizens, Mike Byerly. Remzey talked about Hillary's health, Hillary's lies, and his special guest on Beyond The Headlines, Dr. Dan Green.


8-11-2016 Ward Scott & Juliun Kinsey

Ward talks about an editorial in the Gainesville Sun, due process, the report on the Baltimore cops and the logic of the left. Alachua County School Board candidate for District 2, Juliun Kinsey, talked about why the incumbent should be fired he be elected.


8-10-2016 Ward Scott & Keith Perry

Ward talks about the liberals spinning Donald Trump's statement, murder, the Alachua County Commission and pot and changing names. Keith Perry, Representative for Florida House District 21, talks about his run as a candidate for the State Senate 8 seat.


8-9-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the letter from the 50 republicans against GOP nominee, Donald Trump, Obamacare and John Kerry. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about national polling on Trump, Clinton and a 3rd party candidate.


8-8-2016 Ward Scott & Kevin Thorpe

Ward talks about putting your hand over your heart, why people are doing it and who is doing it. Ward also talked about voter IDs. Alachua County Commission candidate, Keven Thorpe, talked about his campaign and how elected officials represent all the people, not just a select group.


8-5-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the stabbing in England and how it hit close to home, the Speaker's problem,Iran, Clinton and the Hispanic people in Florida. Remzey talks about Islam, China, North Korea and Sudan.


8-4-2016 Ward Scott & Anne Pierce

Ward talks about Donald Trump on immigration, possible party changers that will vote for Kevin Thorpe and voting in general. Dr. Anne Pierce, is an author, commentator and scholar in the areas of American Presidents, American Foreign Policy and American Society, talks about her new book, A PERILOUS PATH: THE MISGUIDED FOREIGN POLICY OF BARACK OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON AND JOHN KERRY.


8-3-2016 Ward Scott - Scottie Butler

Ward talks about taxing food at the wholesale level to stop people eating beef to help with Global Warming, the Muslim Dad at the Democratic National Convention and who is being called insane. On the Alachua Farm Bureau Ag Show, Scottie Butler, retired legal counsel to the Farm Bureau talked about his job and his history.