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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

9-27-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the debate, the home bubble, Trump's business success, law enforcement and the Alachua County Commission. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about who won the debate, advice to Trump and the need for real debates in this area.


9-26-2016 Ward Scott & Evan Roth Smith

Ward talks about the debate, we visit Coach Hog's Locker room and then more about the debate. Evan Roth Smith talked about his book, "Putin's Master Plan: to destroy Europe, Divide NATO and restore Russian power and Global Influence.


9-23-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about more people believing the baby swap of the 40's happened, the Ward Scott rule, the UF memo. Remzey talks about terrorist cells and how long have we had them and Germany.


9-22-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about winning a grand, Keith Perry's seemingly never ending saga, money and universities, The Florida Alligator and The Gainesville Sun, gangs and the 1st day of Fall.


9-21-2016 Ward Scott & Candice King

Ward talks about a banned book by the Alachua County Public Library, libraries in general and relocation. Candice King, MBA, MAE, Executive Director of the Acorn Clinic, talked about health care for rural and low income citizens and CAP money. Ward talks with Van Miller, Intern with the Acorn Clinic.


9-20-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the Clinton family, the first scheduled debate, damage the POTUS can do before he leaves the White House and democrats voting for Trump. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about a nerd website, trees and the Ward Scott rule.


9-19-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about eating dirt. We visited Coach Hog's Locker-room. Ward talked about the city of Archer, bullies, the problem with Gainesville according to the Gainesville Sun, Mike Pence's visit to Gainesville, Sherrie McKnight talks about new T-shirts and more news about Donald Trump.


9-16-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about more info on the belly bumping spitter and Keith Perry, state attorneys, a local attorney, Todd Chase and the PSC and Trump's opinion of the debates. Remzey talks about his donation to the man cave, Hillary, Trump supporters and banks.


9-15-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about his visit to the Alachua County Commission, local lawyer may get disbarred he says its racial. final remarks on Keith Perry, Colin Powell, the NCAA and we hear a song by the Gatlin Brothers.


9-14-2016 Ward Scott & Lisa Gaskalla

Ward talks about Keith Perry's altercation, the POTUS taking credit for all things good in the world, hacking the elections and Hillary's IT guy had no clearance for the material he was working with on her private server. Lisa Gaskalla, Executive Director of Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc, was the guest on this weeks Alachua Farm Bureau's Ag Show.


9-13-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about Keith Perry, Hillary's health, Hillary's body double and a review of his meeting with the Alachua County Commission. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about campaign signs, Hillary's statement about Trump supporters, the Ward Scott rule, the Washington Post and John running for office.


9-12-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about Hillary, visits Coach Hog's Locker Room, talks about special tutors at UF, words of the day and Facebook uncensored.


9-9-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the POTUS's namesake, the non-lawyer for Corrine Brown. Remzey talks about the "Beyond the Headlines" program entitled Official Corruption and having an open mind in college.


9-8-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about how the Gainesville Sun is playing catch up with the Ward Scott Files, taking the 5th, the job of the county manager and what happens, allegedly, when the economy is bad.


9-7-2016 Ward Scott and Mark Glaser

Ward talks about his visit with the Alachua County Commission on behalf of The Rural Concerns Advisory Committee. Mark talks about several stories he has been working on and points out that other news sources around the state use his research but it falls on deaf ears locally.


9-6-2016 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about Facebook friends, Coach Hog's Locker Room and as for politics, you ain't seen nothing, yet! Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about cleaning his office, Republican votes, Hillary and the Ward Scott Rule.


9-5-2016 Labor Day

No podcast today. The Ward Scott Files took Labor Day Off


9-2-2016 Remzey Samarrai

The first half of today's Ward Scott Files was a Best Of program and is not included on this podcast. The second half of the show is Foreign Affairs Friday with Remzey Samarrai.


9-1-2016 The Best Of ....

Today's show was a The Best of Show.


8-31-2016 Ward Scott-Sanji Blair-Ag Show

Ward talks with Sanji Blair, wife of former Marion County Sheriff, Chris Blair about his indictment and the dismissal of charges. Ward's guest for the second hour was lifelong beekeeper and Florida Agricultural Hall of Famer, Laurence Cutts, and State Apiarist, David Westervelt, for the Alachua County Farm Bureau Ag Show.