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The Ward Scott Files is a podcast talk show that helps the audience become better informed about local, state, and national issues. The Ward Scott Files is assisted by its Research Team, a vast group of citizens who work as contributors to the show by sharing issues that affect the lives of concerned citizens. More about the show >

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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

1-27-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about people that can't go to Canada, confirmation questions and Chicago. Remzey talked about driver-less cars, people leaving the state department and Mexico.


1-26-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the manly truck and a Luv Truck, Madonna, the democrats who want to survive in the new Senate, more from President Donald Trump and more on hacking.


1-25-2017 Ward Scott & Kyle Baldry

Ward talks about the county commission, person let out of prison, President Trump reversing what previous administration did and immigrants. Kyle Baldry, Marc Radio Production Director and contributor to The Ward Scott Files, discussed his attendance at the Trump Inaugural in Washington, DC.


1-24-2017 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about misspeaking, problems with the manly truck, the woman's march, the White House Website and voting in California. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about TV ratings comparisons, ideas on how Trump won Florida and the new press conferences. .


1-23-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the press conference, visited Coach Hog's Locker Room, Supreme Court Justice appointment, the radical social reformer, women in combat and the military in general,


1-20-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the people who are boycotting the inauguration, Bill Ayers, people coming to our country and the Gainesville city elections. Remzey talks about not going to Washington DC, China oil, cows, Hollywood and the man who hollowed out the Democratic Party.


Ward Scott & Ag Show

Ward talks about mediocre African-Americans, unfavorable ratings for the incoming POTUS and Russian ladies. The Alachua Co. Farm Bureau Ag Show featured Dave Conser & Joe Mackenzie, Senior Foresters with the Florida Forest Service.


1-17-2017 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the Illegitimate presidency claim, John Lewis, why MLK was a democrat and eating pot. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about the inauguration, urban and rural voting and the office of the president.


1-16-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about former Alachua County Commissioner, Rodney Long, and MLK day, had a visit in Coach Hog's Locker Room, teaching in the classroom, the confirmations and digging up dirt.


1-13-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about multi-tasking, the confirmations and the black loan program. Remzey talks about Hillary going to the big house, the FBI and why Hillary lost.


1-12-2017 Ward Scott & Dance Alive guest

Ward talks about Gainesville City Elections and a letter to the editor, Mark Glaeser gave an update on libraries, Ed Jennings, Lot 10 and Jeff McAdams. The monthly Dance Alive Segment featured Jessie Dominguez from Cuba.


1-10-2017 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the Alabama vs Clemson football game, Robert Mercer, the POTUS and art in congress. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about political parties in both the national and local elections.


1-9-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talked about the Golden Globe Awards, Coach Hog's Locker Room, university students, schools and liberal.,


1-6-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the mistreatment of an autistic person, race relations and with Alachua County Commissioner, Lee Pinkoson, about the Alachua County Fairgrounds. Remzey talks about Mexico and the current POTUS.


1-5-2017 Ward Scott & Gina Peebles

Ward talks about the dwarf galaxy and the radio signals from it, real estate developers, fixing the alpha dog, the POTUS and land conservation. Gina Peebles, Assistant County Manager for Community and Administrative Services, talks about the status of the Alachua County Fair Grounds.


1-4-2017 Ward Scott & Ag Show

Ward talks about things going on in the universities, the POTUS Elect and an update on Bar-B-Q sauce. On today's Alachua County Farm Bureau Ag Show Ward talks to Craig Mikell, Agency Manager of Alachua/Levy County Farm Bureau.


1-3-2017 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about the Gainesville city elections, we visit with Coach Hog's Locker Room, then Ward talks about mouse traps, President Elect, Donald Trump. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about what Trump must face and the Florida Supreme Court.


12-29-2016 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about hacking, prosecution for not agreeing with the governments climate change beliefs, Paula, the legacy, the narcissists and political miscalls. Remzey talks about not worrying about the POTUS, Japan and Germany.


12-28-2016 Ward Scott & Phil Kerpen

Ward talks about why the POTUS does not relate to the common man, the complaint that all the cabinet appointees are rich, basketball players told to ask political questions of the new president when invited to the White House and getting the democrats to vote with the new administration. Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, talks about Obama behavior that must be addressed.


12-27-2016 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the current POTUS and his plans after the POTUS elect takes over, we visited Coach Hog's Locker Room, polls for the presidential election, the issue in North Carolina and religion.