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Ward Scott Files Podcast - Old

2-27-2017 The Best of Ward Scott

Today’s show is The Best of Ward Scott Files and first ran on the air on February 6, 2017. To hear that podcast just go to where it is listed in this section of the website.


2-24-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about a judge's ruling that means where you live doesn't matter if you are an elected official and trying to move a tree. Remzey talks about starving the countries that become a problem for the United States and Sweden.


2-23-2017 Ward Scott & Jenn Powell

Ward talks about protests in Austin, Texas and an English lesson. Jenn Powell, a candidate for the Gainesville City Commission, at-large seat 2, talked about her campaign.


2-22-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about protests against couples in marriage, Brandon Kutner, Alachua County Sheriff's office, talks about immigration and the Liberal's plan to fight the POTUS.


2-21-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about a visitor he had, the many rallies going on, more on the Chris Chestnut case, covering stuff up and what has the city accomplished?


2-20-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about the internet rankings, a visit to Coach Hog's Locker Room, John McCain, headlines compared to stories about the POTUS, pressing the attack and the EPA.


2-17-2017 Ward Scott & Peter Cove

Ward talks about the fight between the governor and the state house about marketing Florida, Obama and the press and sanctuary cities. Peter Cove, founder of America Works, talked about his proposal to deal with poverty.


2-16-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about President Trump's visit to get back to the people, libs going back years to create negative information on the POTUS, local elections, an upcoming court case against a sitting Gainesville City Commissioner, Remzey being called to Washington DC, student recording professor gets suspended and the possible end to the career of Florida Senator Bill Nelson.


2-15-2017 Ward Scott & Ag Show

Ward talks about the singer wearing a Trump Dress to the Grammys, the commission challenge, the liberal attack on Trump's appointment and rules for radicals. The Alachua County Farm Bureau Ag Show featured Bobby W Carnley, Regional Vice President of Farm Credit of Florida.


2-14-2017 War Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about carbon tax, Yale and Obama. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talked about Gainesville elections and turn out, the governor and the legislature.


2-11-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about Gainesville elections, visited Coach Hog's Locker room, shadow government, the OJ trial, Obama and a new executive order.


2-10-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talked about touching toes, professional opinions, the start of a possible civil war and the answer to the cliff hanger question. Remzey talks about idiots, Mexico and Obamacare.


2-9-2017 Ward Scott & Dance Alive

Ward talks about an editorial that he thought was good, Pegeen is still here, the travel restriction and court and another flower pot question. On the Dance Alive monthly program, Buse Babdadag, talked about the life of a ballerina and her journey from Turkey to now.


2-8-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talks about tornadoes, relationships that ended over Trump getting elected, why companies hire people from other countries, non-partisan Gainesville elections and Corine Brown.


2-7-2017 Ward Scott & Ale Patton

Ward talks about California politicians and their problems with President Trump, nicknames, poison and voter fraud. Alex Patton,Ozean Media, talks about changes by city commissioners, polling registered voters and approval ratings.


2-6-2017 Ward Scott & Law Enforcement Monday

Ward talked about the big game, then off to Coach Hog's Locker Room for more and also the Gator Basketball team and then more on fraudulent voting. Law Enforcement Monday featured Ben Tobias, PIO and Media Relations with the Gainesville Police Department along with Brandon Kutner, Alachua County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer.


2-3-2017 Ward Scott & Remzey Samarrai

Ward talks about the future of the town of Archer and the death of Perry McGriff Jr. Remzey talked about Mexico and Native Americans.


2-2-2017 Ward Scott & Nathan Skop

Ward talks about getting the Supreme Court nominee to Washington DC, California and civil servants. Nathan Skop, former Gainesville political activist and biomass opponent now working for the Merex Group, spoke from Los Angeles about the latest on the local biomass.


2-1-2017 Ward Scott

Ward talked, at length, about the city of Archer. The Alachua County Farm Bureau Ag Show featured Farm Bureau board member, Dean Cheshire, who discussed how the Farm Bureau plays part in our everyday life.


1-31-2017 Ward Scott & Alex Patton

Ward talks about Tom Brady and the POTUS, universities and the run up to the Civil War compared to today. Alex Patton, Ozean Media, talks about what the POTUS has done during the short time he has been on the job and the upcoming Gainesville elections.