About Ward Scott

RoscoeandWard3Ward Scott, sometimes known as “The Warthog” has been a major force in public service in Alachua County for many years. Ward has freely given a large amount of his time for the betterment of our community.Warthog

Retired from the classroom, currently you can hear Ward on the  “The Ward Scott Files,” a live, call-in, conservative talk show on 980 AM and 94.1 FM from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM, Monday through Friday.

“I am a teacher by trade”, Ward says. “I approach this radio show as I would a classroom. I present interesting material in a way that can be absorbed by the masses and in a manner that will make the audience question it and participate in discussion. Making people think is the way of a teacher. You hear us say, "The truth is out there." Helping people see the truth is my first goal.”

Ward’s radio career started with “The Ward Scott Files”, a segment of another talk show, created when a member of the community requested and received audio files of informal meetings conducted by the Alachua County Board of Commissioners prior to their public meetings. These recordings were brought to Ward’s attention after a public records requests.

Listening to Meeting After Meeting

CD player

Ward plowed through hours and hours of meetings recorded on CDs in the worst possible circumstances and at times unable to understand what was said. Ward remarked, “That alone should get me a community service medal!” After hours of listening to meeting after meeting, Ward understood that informing the public on the radio show was not enough and The Ward Scott Files were put on the air as audio files condensed down versions of recorded meetings that used commentary and sound bites to shine the spotlight on many elected officials broadcasting what they said in a meeting when they thought no one would ever hear.

Thanks to The Ward Scott Files, the public was made aware of what sounded like violations of The Florida Sunshine Law and “member on member” manipulation of the county commission to move personal agendas forward even when they were not in the best interest of the citizens of Alachua County.

Ward Scott's Accolades, Awards, and Honors

Since The Ward Scott Files aired, one long time county commissioner decided not to run again for office, one resigned, a county manager moved on to another job, an investigation was launched  into Florida Sunshine Law violations,  and the “meetings before the meetings” are now televised on the government cable channel. The Ward Scott Files got RESULTS!

Ward is married to Barbara Heim Scott, Pre-K teacher  (RET) of students
with special needs at Littlewood Elementary School of Gainesville.

Ward And Barbara Heim Scott

Ward Scott received his BA degree in 1966 from the University of Florida and in 1969 he received his master’s in education from UF.

Public Service:

  • Community College Representative, Senator Graham’s Amendment 11 Committee, 2002
  • Chair, Weed and Seed Grant Committee, City of Alachua, 2003
  • Chair, Economic Advisory Committee to the City of Alachua, 2006
  • Co-Chair, Greater Alachua Transportation Task Force, 2006
  • Co-Chair, Affordable Housing Committee City of Alachua, 2007
  • Interim City Manager, Archer, Florida, 2009
  • Chair, Rural Concerns Advisory Committee to the Alachua County Commission, 2008 to present 
  • Democratic Candidate, Alachua County Commission, 2004,
  • Republican Candidate, Alachua County Commission, 2008
  • Campaign Manager, Susan Baird, Republican County Commissioner, 2010
  • Campaign Manager, Todd Chase, Republican City of Gainesville Commissioner, 2011
 SFLogo UFLogo NISOD award


  • Four Term President, Santa Fe Community College Senate, 2000-2004
  • “A Class Like No Other,” Published September 1, 2005 Gainesville Sun Link
  • President, Community College Faculty Coalition, 2000-2007
  • Finalist, Florida Association of Community Colleges Teacher of the Year, 2007
  • Recipient, Santa Fe College Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009 (see picture)
  • Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Critical Conflicts

The picture (to the right) is of Ward Scott in 2009 when he received the Santa Fe College Lifetime Achievement award. Few professors have been Santa Fe College, Lifetime Achievement Awardgiven this award in the history of the school. Usually it goes to an administrator. From left to right: Steve Lodle, Past President of the Santa Fe College senate, Ward Scott, Jackson Sasser, Santa Fe College President and Barbara Hirschfelder, Santa Fe Senate President

“The job of the teacher,” as Ward sees it, “is to bring out the greatness in students, helping them to unlock and tap into the talents they have and above all else, share them with the public so that someone’s life is enriched.”

The classroom has no walls in time or space.  Therefore, the true worth of teachers is not measured by how long they spend in the physical classroom, or by how popular they are with their classes. The true worth of teachers is measured by their students’ accomplishments.

Ward Scott's Students' Recognitions:

  • "One To Share," Chris Skinner, published in TRACINGS, Volume 7, No. 1, Spring 1994, First Place, Fiction, Florida Community College Activities Division, Magazine Competition
  • "Cold River," Cindy Burgett, published in TRACINGS, Volume 8, No. 1, Spring 1995, Second Place, Fiction, Florida Community College Activities Division, Magazine Competition
  • “Missing Pieces,” Nina DeMambro, published in TRACINGS, Volume 9, No.1, Spring 1996, Third Place, Fiction, Florida Community College Activities Division, Magazine Competition
  • “The Dry Spell,” Amy Applegate, published in TRACINGS, Volume 12, No.1, Spring 1999, First Place, Fiction, Florida Community College Activities Division, Magazine Competition

Ward Scott’s Students’ Publication:

  • “Mardi Gras,” Stephanie Keller, published in TRACINGS, Volume 3, No.1, Spring 1990
  • “Kanoon,” Najah Jabbar, published in TRACINGS, Volume 5, No.1, Spring 1992
  • “Pornography,” Coco Bermudez, published in TRACINGS, Volume 6, No. 1, Spring 1993
  • “Tagged and Released,” Lia Vazquez, published in TRACINGS, Volume 10, No. 1, Spring 1997
  • “Jess, A Confederate,” Leonard Emmel, published in TRACINGS, Volume 11, No. 1, Spring 1998
  • “Three Stories: Ghost Dance; A Euphoric State; Baby-Dog,” Suzanne Carlton, published in THE CHATTAHOOCHEE REVIEW, Volume XIX, No. 2, Winter 1999
  • “The Spook Motel,” Suzanne Carlton, published in THE CHATTAHOOCHEE REVIEW, Volume XX, No. 4, Summer 2000 When everyone was protesting, dropping out, sitting in and burning everything from draft cards to bras, very few children of the 60’s realized that the authority they were beingtold to question had a life’s lesson to pass on. Very few realized that we learn from our past mistakes, and if we are lucky, we learn from other’s past mistakes as well.

Ward Scott

Ward Scott - Difference Maker

We are all students of life going to class every day, learning and doing our homework and we are not graded on a curve. Graduation from life is when we no longer exist, and then our learning days are over. Maybe, just maybe we will have left a legacy, and we will have made a difference.

Ward Scott is many things: teacher, politician, visionary, the go-to guy to get the job done, political pundit, commentator, and dedicated citizen. Most importantly Ward is a “difference maker”